Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure – Stage 1

  1. On receipt of complaint/reminder correspondence it must be passed to the Office Manager so that the complaints/reminder can be recorded. All complaints/reminder correspondence received :

via post should be date stamped
via fax should be recorded in the fax logbook
via email printed off

  1. The Office Manager records all the details of the complaint/reminder correspondence on to a log and then ensures that the documents are photocopied onto red paper and passed to the relevant manager of the case, whilst informing the Insolvency Practitioner that complaint/reminder correspondence has been received.
  2. The Office Manager keeps the original letter until the complaint/reminder is concluded.
  3. On receipt of the complaint/reminder, the manager should ensure that this letter is replied to within 5 working days and to ensure that copies of replies/emails/note of telephone calls are passed to the Office Manager to be attached to the original correspondence.
  4. The Manager must ensure that the Office Manager is kept up to date and the Office Manager must ensure that any outstanding complaints/reminders should be followed up.
  5. Once the complaint/reminder has been resolved the red copy should be returned to the Office Manager who will then return the original correspondence to the manager and ensure that the complaint/reminder is marked off the log sheet as being resolved.
  6. The Office Manager must ensure that the log is reviewed on a monthly basis and any exceptions are reported to the Insolvency Practitioner.


Complaints Procedure – Stage 2

In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion and remain dissatisfied, a complaint can be raised with the Insolvency Practitioners Regulatory body.

All complaints with regards to cases held by Mr David Nicholas Clark or Mr Philip Clark should be directed to:

To help the Insolvency Practitioners Unit deal with your complaint, you should include as much of the following as possible:

  • your name and address;
  • full name of the insolvency case, together with the court name and number if applicable;
  • copies of any relevant correspondence about the complaint;
  • the name and address of the insolvency practitioner concerned, including the name of his or her firm;
  • full details of what has gone wrong or has not been handled properly;
  • an explanation of how you would like us to resolve your complaint.


Dated: 1st January 2020